Space Engineer’s Consortium (P) Ltd

Project Management Consultants

From civil engineering, industry and infrastructure to real estate and environmental management, We offer project management consultancy services for all types of building, industrial and civil engineering projects. we provide the following services:

Construction management

Project programming

Design management

Quality management


Property development

Time and cost control

Construction supervision

Requirement/operational analysis

Time planning

Organising of project contracting

Organising of quality assurance

Organising of the building process

Assistance in choosing operational organisation

Project Planning & Engineering

SECL offers a range of design project management services and hands on experience, to assist and guide you through the process. Whether you are looking into replacing an existing control system, implementing a management information, traceability or vision system solution or investing in a control system design for a new build facility.

Whatever your requirements, whether you wish to outsource the management of an engineering project or require additional project management expertise to top up your resources internally, We offer a flexible service and can provide project managers to assist in any of the following aspects of an engineering project.


Detailed Project Report

Detailed project report is prepared for the investment decision-making approval, but also execution of the project and also preparation of the plan. Detailed project report is a complete document for investment decision-making, approval, planning. Detailed project report is base document for planning the project and implementing the project.



Quality Management & Assurance

The quality management does not just refer to the quality of the building, but rather refers to the quality of the entire corporate activity, which results in the creation of a high-quality building.

The basic approach to the company's quality assurance activity is to provide the quality of a product that can be ordered with ease of mind by the client, and which will provide ease of mind, satisfaction, and pride to the client from the planning stage to a long period after construction is completed.


Design & Supervision Consultants

To offer best solution to customer  requirements. Our project managers are a blend of technical knowledge and experience.

SECL's Design Project Managers are completely product independent and are therefore capable of offering advice on the advantages and disadvantages including the reliability of products available.

Geotechnical / Geological Studies

Providing real time support with our geo-technical services, we exceed requirements by being efficient during investigations, bringing practicality and safety with design and providing timely support during construction


Specifically, we provide:


  • Site classification
  • Hazard assessment
  • Landslide/slope stability risk assessment
  • Soil sampling and testing
  • On site sewage soil and site assessments

SECL  will provide an exceptional level of service regarding Engineering Surveys by:

Project managing your requirements and specifications, and tailoring services to your individual needs.

Answering any questions or queries you may have.

Communicating with you every step of the way.

Providing a cost-effective service.



Topographical surveys, preparation & digital elevation model

Using modern surveying and data capture equipment, we provide services that range from 1:100 detailed site surveys up to 1:1250 scale mapping. Our surveys are used for a variety of purposes and provide a birds-eye view of a site. The level of information surveyed and shown on the drawings is tailored to individual needs and client specifications.


For the majority of sites, Robotic or Reflectorless Total Stations are used to capture detail. DGPS is used for Ordnance Survey Grid and Datum as well as GIS Data Capture.


Our design team complies with the Digital Elevation Model and GIS standards set by the client and the industry to provide complete designing layout to support the GIS projects of our clients. We offer comprehensive designing solutions to clients to calculate terrain slope, aspects, elevation, terrain contours, and volume.

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